• Burl Wood Wedding Band EXPO DISPLAY


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    This wedding band is made of titanium in a size 11 and features the exotic Australian Red Mallee Burl Wood.

    An Australian wood species with striking reddish heartwood bound by pale sapwood, Red Mallee is dense, with a smooth feel, and the burls feature twisting grain, varied color, and tight eyes. Small checks and inclusions are normal.

    *Please note that because of the nature of this ring, it cannot be re-sized. Please ensure proper ring size before placing order.


    We had a lot of fun showcasing our pieces at this years International Sportsman's Expo! Here you'll find surplus inventory we used as displays at the show. All pieces are fully guaranteed and in new condition. Each piece is already manufactured with a Rocky Mountain Ivory and can be shipped to you immediately. Pieces are sold as-is, with the exception of an engraving or a minor ring sizing, no customizations are available for these particular pieces. If you want one of these pieces made with your ivory, to your specifications, please see our regular listings. 

    Please be aware that although these items were used as display models, they were not handled much by the public and are an example of the exceptional craftsmanship we offer here at Rocky Mountain Ivory. These pieces were produced to wow the public and really are some of the best to ever come out of our shop! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!