• Forseti Morgan le Fay Damascus Dagger/Letter Opener


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    Damascus Steel dagger with antler handle. This knife is crafted by the experts at Forseti Steel known for their high quality and attention to detail. 

    We're excited to be working with the folks at Forseti Steel to offer a new line of HIGH QUALITY Damascus blades. 

    From Forseti:

    Wicked, alluring, and cunning, Morgan, also known as “Morganna” grew to despise her half brother, King Arthur, and sought out Merlin to extend her magical prowess. It was said she became the great wizard’s Mistress, manipulating him to gain knowledge of his spells as she plotted King Arthur’s undoing. Shape-shifting into another woman, Morgan lures him to adultery, and imploring the Green Knight, the sorceress sends the ghost to Camelot in an attempt to frighten the King’s wife, Guinevere, to death.

    Sly and underhanded, Morgan le Fay, was an evil temptress who wreaked chaos throughout the kingdom. It was said that Morgan le Fay used a magic athame, or dagger, to perform her rituals and to cast spells. As a weapon goes, it could be said that a dagger is more of a woman’s weapon. Discreet, stealthy, and deadly. Just like Morgan.

    This slimline dagger may not wield magic but it feels great in your hand and is a pleasure to use. The combination of Damascus steel blade and bolsters, the chiseled stag antler, and ornate design along the full tang make this dagger an exquisite piece of art. Included with a full-grain leather sheath, the dagger is easily concealed and is at home on your hip or in your boot. And if carrying a dagger on your person is not necessarily your thing, you can have one of the coolest letter openers ever made.


    Overall Length: 8.5"

    Handle Length: 4.5"

    Blade Length: 4"

    Blade Material: Damascus Steel 1095/15n20

    Blade thickness: 2.8mm

    Tang: Full Tang

    Locking type: Fixed Blade

    Damascus pattern: Twist

    Number of layers: 256

    Handle Material: Damascus steel front and rear bolster with stag antler

    Includes a hand stitched custom full-grain leather sheath with a belt loop and a wood presentation box.

    Please note: Each knife is handmade from natural materials. There will be some variation in color, Damascus pattern and overall look. The knife you receive will have the same attention to quality and detail as the one pictured, but may differ slightly in appearance.

    Care Instructions:

    1095 steel is a high-carbon steel and will rust if not dried and oiled after use. Hand wash only with soap and hot water. Dry completely before oiling.

    About Forseti Steel:

    The secret to forging authentic Damascus steel knives has long been lost, but Forseti Steel stays as true to the tradition as they can by commissioning smiths with Damascus ancestry to hand-make all of their blades. The artists behind the enamoring water-like patterns of folded and pounded steel have all learned their skills and techniques from the generations that worked the metals before them.

    In addition to paying tribute to the Damascus practice in technique and appearance, Forseti Steel shows its respect for history's heroes, legends, and characters with their knives' names. The 9", walnut-handled Sentinel, for example, honors the Sentinels who stand guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington.